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A Guide to Cemeteries

Cemeteries are among the most enduring records of local history. In the days before churches and cemeteries were established in pioneer settlements, those who died were often buried on family homesteads. The location of these gravesites is more often than not lost to memory.

Although many early cemetery maps and record books also have been lost to flood or fire, much of this information remains "written in stone" on individual grave markers—a veritable Who’s-Who of the local community. At a time when families lived and died in the same neighbourhood, cemetery inscriptions tell the tale of early hardships—loss of infants and young children, death of mothers and wives in childbirth, the ravages of infectious diseases—and of hardy pioneers who lived well beyond their allotted "three-score and ten".

For anyone interested in the history of a community, a visit to the local cemetery is a "must", if only to pay your respects to those early settlers whose stories are the basis of local post-1870 history.

List of Current Cemeteries

List of Abandoned Burial Sites

A complete Guide to Carman-Dufferin Cemeteries (pdf 7 MB) pdf icon is available to download or print.

A Guide to Funerary Art in Manitoba (pdf 3 MB) pdf icon provides the basic information that will help to “read” gravemarkers – through their forms, styles, materials and especially through the symbolic iconography that was so important to gravemarker designs of the era.