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Cemeteries: Broad Valley (Homewood Bergthaler Mennonite)

A Mennonite settlement began in the mid-1920s in Township 7, range 3w. A small cemetery along Provincial Highway 305 in the Municipality of Dufferin was established in 1934. Originally part of a farm owned by Martin A. Hiebert, the land was donated to the Homewood Bergthaler Mennonite Church and a cemetery was started soon thereafter. However, it was not until June 13, 1961, that the municipality consented to use of a portion of NE 20-7-3w for the purposes of a cemetery. The Hiebert farm was located directly south of the cemetery; only a tree remains there now to mark the yard site. There are 21 headstones, many of which mark the graves of young children.


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