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Cemeteries: Îlets de Bois

Located on 16-7-5w, site of an early Métis settlement and of the original St. Daniel log church. A cairn on the site records the names of many buried here in graves that have no markers. Only one stone and two iron cross markers remain to mark some 100 burials in this cemetery. The stone was erected in memory of Natalie Olive Houde, beloved wife of Thomas Dailey who died June 1, 1899, age 18 years. “She is not dead but sleeping”.


The cairn relates the history of the area and lists names of families who lived in the area.

alt=""The cairn plaque reads: "Metis hunters populated this area originally in the early 1800’s and began perminent settlement in the 1830’s. Records show the first Baptism in 1837 of a child named Elziar by Father Charles Poire. This too became their first burial ground with over 100 gravesites. A log school was constructed on 21-7-5. In 1870 a log church was built on this location and this Parish became known as St. Daniel. In 1899 the church was relocated to 24-7-6 and a new cemetery established…"

In 1899, the log church was moved two miles further west where a rectory was built and a new cemetery (St. Daniel Cemetery) was laid out in the churchyard.

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