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Cemeteries: Graysville Bergthaler Mennonite

This relatively new cemetery is located on SE 28-6-6w on Provincial Highway #245 west of Graysville. It is located in the churchyard of Graysville Mennonite Church.


Originally Orr church, the building was moved here from SW 23-6-6w in 1953. The earliest date on a grave marker is for Johann Epp, 1896–1957. Names on markers include: Arnason, Bergen, Blatz, Cook, Doerksen, Dueck, Dyck, Elias, Epp, Funk, Hildebrand, Jeffers, Kroeker, Kuhl, Letkeman, Penner, Reimer, Sawatsky, Toews, Unger, Unrah, Wiens.

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