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Cemeteries: Harrison Burial Site (abandoned)

The Harrison family history records that the first-born infant of pioneers William and Margaret Harrison died and was buried north-west of their house, with Manitoba maples planted at the head and foot of the grave. The trees are still standing.

alt=""A family history by the Harrison’s son provides interesting insight into the background of this site. Prior to 1879, Archdeacon Pinkam is said to have asked William and Margaret Harrison to donate three acres of their land on SW 19-6-5w near Graysville as a site for an Anglican church and cemetery. The Harrisons agreed to donate the land on condition that the Archdeacon would arrange financing for the building. When Mr. Harrison was presented with a large bill for surveying the land, he withdrew permission for building the church on the site. An organ the Harrisons had purchased for the church was donated instead to Graysville Anglican Church; it later was returned to the family when the Graysville church closed. The Harrisons are said to have kept the plan for the churchyard and, as local people died, they were buried on the site. The plan showing location of the graves was lost when Mr. Harrison died. There are no markers to locate the site.

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