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Teacher's Guides and Resources

Many communities have a surprising amount of primary source material available for studying a wide range of topics.

Many resources are available to help educators and others use source materials to good effect. Participation in heritage fairs or the recording of family histories are two common projects, but there are other possibilities.

  • Manitoba Department of Education, Social Studies page. Here you will find the Social Studies curriculum for Manitoba students, and also links to various resources. Visit Websites to Support the New Curriculum to be taken to a list of themes with supporting web resources.

  • THEN/HiER is a Canadian organization dedicated to improving history teaching and learning at all levels. Its website provides a range of useful information, including an extensive list of links to Sites of Interest in History Education, which provides a wealth of information on many topics.

  • The Historica Dominion Institute is dedicated to the nurturing of Canadian identity and citizenship through the study of history. In addition to links to online resources, the Historica website seeks to advise about methodologies for teaching Canadian history, including how to use primary source materials, on its Benchmarks of Historical Thinking page.

  • Montréal’s McCord Museum provides Eduweb, a site dedicated to making historical research a part of the classroom experience. It suggests activities, includes links to web resources, and provides examples of students’ work for reference.

  • A Manitoba organization dedicated to the Red River, Rivers West, provides materials on the natural and cultural heritage of the Red River, designed to work within the Manitoba curriculum for grades 4–6.

  • Veterans Affairs Canada provides information for research on Canada’s war history.

  • Historic Resources Branch’s Heritage Fair Exhibit Guide.