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Stephenfield School 1904
(Coleman Collection)

Stephenfield School #518 and #2048

Stephenfield School #518 was built in 1889 on NW 18-6-6w which was owned by Allan Stevenson. The school did not remain open in winter until 1894. In 1906, a new one-room school was built on SW 19-6-6w. This building was moved to NW 20-6-6w in 1920 when Stephenfield Consolidated School District No. 2048 was formed. A second classroom was added in 1948.

In 1961 Stephenfield School district #2048 was dissolved and transferred to Graysville S.D. who used the building for elementary grades for Graysville & Stephenfield students until 1966 when the school closed. The building and land were sold and students were transported to Graysville, Carman or Miami Schools.







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