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Pomeroy School (Dufferin Historical Museum)

Pomeroy (Newton) School

Newton SD # 58 (later known as “Pomeroy School”) was formed in 1878 and was originally within the boundaries of Dufferin. The first classes were held in a log church built by the Methodist Church and known as the Carman Mission.

A school was built in 1883 one-half mile east of the junction of Highway 3 and Tobacco Creek. In 1886, it was moved to the southwest side of the junction. A new school was built in 1909. The name was changed to “Pomeroy” in 1950. The school closed in 1953 and consolidated with Roland School District.

The school building is now at the Pembina Threshermen’s Museum in the RM of Stanley and is a designated Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site.

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