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McDermott School #810

McDermott first school (Dufferin Historical Museum)

McDermott SD was formed in 1894 from land in the neighborhood along with nine sections from the St. Daniel district. The first classes were held in the Frank McDermott homestead log house on 36-7-5w. A second frame school was built on the northwest corner of SW 36-7-5w in 1902.

Later, in 1916, it was moved south to SW 25-7-5w. This move is said to have taken “one month , with one horse, one man, one winch and one rope” (School Bells & Honey Pails, p.37). A third school was built on the site in 1919, this time of cement blocks. The SD was dissolved and transferred to Carman in 1968. The school building continued to be used as a community centre.

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