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Graysville School #1493

The first school was built in 1909 on NW 25-6-6w. It was located north of the tracks on land originally owned by homesteader George Gray. The building was sold in 1934 and moved south of the rail line, where it was used as a dwelling, store and post office.

In 1919, the school districts of Graysville, Lintrathen, Orr and Ravenswood joined to form Consolidated School District No. 1493. A four-room school with an auditorium was designed by architects Tuttle and Reid and opened in 1920. The school offered grades I-XI, and in 1958, Grade XII was added. When Carman Collegiate was built, the higher grades bussed to Carman and elementary grades continued in Graysville until declining enrollment resulted in closure of the school in 2010.

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