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Archives of Manitoba, MB Education (Series 2) Emberly School SD# 1979 (N2184)

Emberly School #1979

The School District of Rays was formed in 1919, later renamed “Emberly” after a local family who donated the land.

A wooden, one-room school was built on NE 22-7-7w at the northwestern end of the municipality north of Roseisle. Ukrainian settlers in the area held church services in the school. They later purchased land less than a mile distant where they built St. Peter and Paul church and established a cemetery.

Emberly School closed in 1961 and the school district consolidated with St. Claude. The cairn was unveiled in 1999, and dedicated to the students, parents, and teachers of Emberly School.



See also: Historic Sites of Manitoba: Ecole Emberly No. 1979. Source: Gordon Goldsborough

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