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Boyne School # 21

Second Boyne School 1892–1930

The first educator in the Boyne area is said to have been the Reverend H.J. Borthwick, an itinerant Presbyterian minister who held classes in local Salterville homes.

In 1872, residents of the area successfully petitioned for establishment of Boyne School District. A log school was built on NW 22-6-4w, on land donated by Robert Took. When it opened in 1878, the thatched roof log building became the first school in the Boyne area. It was known locally as Salterville School.

The original building was replaced by a frame structure in 1892 and a third school, with a concrete basement and coal furnace, was built in 1930. When the Midland School Division was formed in 1966, the school closed and students were bussed to Carman. It was designated a Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site in 1988.

In March, 2013 the school building was moved to a new location north of the Dufferin Historical Museum.

3rd Boyne school 1930–1966

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