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Heritage Resources

What are they?

The heritage resources of a community include its more visible assets, such as buildings, artifacts, plaques or commemorative sites. The intangible resources—the memories, traditions or knowledge of past generations—though less noticeable, are an equally valuable part of our heritage.

Where are they?

In Dufferin Municipality, you can tap into both aspects of our local heritage in a number of ways: visiting local caches and collections, where you can find artifacts, local histories, photographic collections and printed works and where you can access knowledgeable local advisors; visiting our municipal heritage sites, checking out local monuments cairns and signs; or taking one of our heritage tours.

A sample of vintage photos also can be found here.

Heritage Resource Inventories

To help you locate local heritage resources, we are compiling inventories for communities in the Carman/Dufferin area. These inventories list resources specific to each community along with sources of information. Inventories are now on this website for the following communities: