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Local Heritage: Caches and Collections


The RM of Dufferin does not have a formal archive, however, three local sources are recommended, each of which has knowledgeable and helpful staff or members available to assist with heritage research: Dufferin Historical Museum , Boyne Regional Library, and the Carman/Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (CD MHAC). Information on these sites and on other places where you can access local heritage resources can be found on the following pages.

Dufferin Historical Museum

The Museum is the main resource in the RM for preservation and conservation of heritage materials. It features a wide range of artifacts and displays, catalogued materials and files. For an overview, access their excellent website. The site highlights some of the major holdings and Museum activities and provides further admission and membership information.

Location: Carman, Manitoba, Corner Hwy #1245 and Kelly Hand Drive It is located in King's Park at the the corner of Kelly Hand Drive and Hwy 245.
GPS coordinates: 49° 30.178 N 098° 00.621 W

Hours: Dufferin Historical Museum is open in the summer months (June, July, August)
Tues-Sat 10:00 – 5:00 pm
Sunday 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Tel.: 204-745-3597

If you have enquiries at other times, you may contact the following members:

Trish Aubin: 204-745-6790
Caroll McGill: 204-745-6674

Boyne Regional Library

The library, formerly the post office and now a designated municipal heritage site, carries an assortment of reference material of value to the heritage researcher, including the local Dufferin history, family histories, maps and other useful background material.

Photographs of designated Municipal Heritage sites are displayed. Access to inter-library loans and wifi. For more information, see the Library website:

​Address: Box 788, 15-1st. Street SW, Carman, MB R0J 0J0
​Phone: 204-745-3504

Carman/Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (CD MHAC)

The CD MHAC has a small collection of resource material, largely relating to its work as an advisory committee, in particular, background information on designated heritage sites, local businesses, schools, churches, post offices and cemeteries. They also hold a small number of pamphlets, books and brochures that may be useful to the researcher.
Location: Files are housed in the basement of the Memorial Hall.

For further information and access, contact
Nedra Burnett Telephone: 204-745-3058 e-mail: or
Ina Bramadat Telephone: 204-828-3466 e-mail:


Carman/Dufferin MHAC has prepared two heritage tour brochures featuring heritage sites in the Town of Carman and the RM of Dufferin.


The Carman Dufferin Cemeteries brochure provides a map showing locations of nine Carman/Dufferin cemeteries along with access to the full Carman/Dufferin Cemetery Guide.









Free copies are available at the Memorial Hall, Museum, and at several businesses around town.


The History of the RM of Dufferin in Manitoba 1880–1980, published by the Council of the RM, is the most comprehensive resource available on the history of the municipality.  This 816 page book covers the early history of Town of Carman and the RM of Dufferin, including its many small communities, institutions, businesses and services, as well as a wealth of local stories and family histories.  Now out of print but available online through website. Hard copies are available for reference use through Boyne Regional Library or Dufferin Historical Museum.

Dufferin and Carman, written in 1923 by early resident Thomas Kernighan, has  been reprinted by the Dufferin Historical Museum in 2006 under the name of "The Brightest Jewel as seen through the eyes of Thomas Kernighan". Copies available for sale: Dufferin Historical Museum – cost $15.00.

School Bells and Honey Pails, published in 2012 by the Dufferin Historical Museum, documents the history of rural schools in the RM of Dufferin.  Photographs of schools. Available for sale: Dufferin Historical Museum; cost $10.00

Peeking Through the Knothole
, by Alma Barkman, printed by artbookbindery in 2006, recounts stories of growing up near Roseisle.

Ribbons, Races and Rides, published by The Dufferin Agricultural Society (1979) traces the history of the Society, including accounts of local fairs.

Trails of the Pioneers (1956) by George H. Hambley, available on the website.

Carman Larger Pastoral Charge, a collection of area church histories, available on the website.

Eighty Years of Life and Laughter by Lloyd Kitching (2009), a collection of entertaining tales of early life in Manitoba.

Up to Now, a story of Dufferin and Carman,published by D.W. Friesen & Sons Ltd. (1967) for the Carman Centennial Book Committee. Available for reference use: Boyne Regional Library, Carman Historical Museum and the website.

All in a Row: The Klassens of Homewood by Katherine Martens, published by the Mennonite Literary Society (1988) & printed by Friesen Printers, Altona.

Memorable Stories Carman and Area - Celebrating Canada’s 150th published in 2017 by Dufferin Historical Museum, printed by Toews Printing & Office Supply, Carman, MB. A collection of 150 memories of the town.

Roseisle - Volume 1: The Early Years – As Seen Through the Photographs of John Beatty Coleman. Pictorial history of the community between 1900–16 compiled by Ina Bramadat. Printed by Toews Printing & Office Supply, Carman MB


A Review of the Heritage Resources of Boyne Planning District, a study by Karen Nicholson, Historic Resources Branch, November 1984, provides a comprehensive overview of the district, its geography, patterns of settlement , economic development,  and potential heritage resources in the area. 

A Guide to Funerary Art in Manitoba. Victorian cemeteries and the gravemarkers they contain are a veritable treatise on ritual, design, craftsmanship, poetry, and
belief. This guide wasn developed by the Carman/Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee, which is devoted to preserving our own fine collection of local cemeteries.

Carman-Dufferin Cemetery Guide 2017. Our local guide applies the information and insights from the Guide (above) to Carman/Dufferin cemeteries. Drawing upon the knowledge of local monument makers, we have added information on changing technology and the craftsmanship that went into producing the markers.

Leary Brick Works. The Leary Brick Works is the last semi-intact remnant of some 200 brick plants that once operated in Manitoba. Based on extensive research, architectural historian David Butterfield completed a study of the Leary brick plant in 2018.

The full report is here.

Please note: the remaining structures at the brick plant are unsafe and public entry to the site is prohibited.



A number of rural newspapers have served the  Dufferin area over the years. Many are now available online through the Pembina Manitou Archive (check for available issues):

The Manitoba Mountaineer  (1880–1884) - Nelsonville; relocated to Morden as The Manitoba News

The Manitoba News (1884–1887)- Morden; sold to The Monitor

The Carman Weekly Standard (1890–1916). Now online through Pembina Manitou Archives; copies on disk also are held by the CDMHAC, Boyne Regional Library and Dufferin Historical Museum.

The Dufferin Leader (1898–1976); renamed The Valley Leader (1976–present). The Dufferin Leader (1898-1977) is now online through Pembina Manitou Archive; copies on disk also are held by the CDMHAC, Boyne Regional Library and Dufferin Historical Museum.