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Carman Dominion Post Office Building

The Carman Dominion Post Office characterizes the federal government’s commitment to achieving quality in the institutions it erected throughout the country around the turn of the twentieth century.

Masterful design and dignified materials spoke of progress, prosperity and stability, while a standardized vocabulary worked towards establishing a unified style. Created by the Department of Public Works, each design was related, yet also bestowed with distinctive elements.

The Carman building, like many of its counterparts, shares boxy massing and red brick and limestone facades. It breaks from conformity, however, through its tower that features an elegant dome, emphasizing the clock inserts, versus the more common pyramidal roof. The structure, which initially housed the post office and postmaster’s suite above, remains in active public use as the Boyne Regional Library.

The site was designated on January 25, 1990, by the Town of Carman.

Location: 15–1st Avenue SW, Carman

View from the Clock Tower In recognition of the hard work of volunteers in planning and carrying out renovations to this landmark Designated Municipal Heritage Site, C/D MHAC members compiled a small booklet with the history of the library. It features photos of what Alice would have seen down through the years if she had climbed up the clock tower rather than falling down a rabbit hole.

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