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Dufferin Agricultural Society Grandstand

The Dufferin Agricultural Society Grandstand was constructed in 1921 and its roof added in 1930. The Dufferin Agricultural Society was established in 1880 and was one of the first of many such societies in Manitoba. By the 1890s the event had grown into a three-day affair and was of such a scale that, over the years, barns and bleachers had to be enlarged or replaced several times.

As a community event, annual agricultural society exhibitions were significant occasions in rural communities across Manitoba. They provided the opportunity for social interaction and served to promote innovations in the agricultural industry.

alt=""The site was designated on February 13, 1992, by the Town of Carman. It was destroyed by fire in June, 2002. In 2013, the CD MHAC erected a commemorative plaque on the site.

Location: 44 Kings Park Road, Carman

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