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Roseisle War Memorial, Roseisle

The Roseisle War Memorial, from 1989, is one of the few Manitoba war memorials with architectural aspirations. Some of these monuments are, quite literally, buildings, but others, like the Roseisle memorial, have qualities of design and appearance that make them appear as building‐like forms, or at least as elements of buildings—columns, walls, or arches.

The designers of the Roseisle War Memorial used an entirely familiar building element—a brick wall—abstracted by the use of pillars at the edges and elegantly curved transitional elements, to create a powerful and memorable object. The memorial features 62 names of local men who served in World War I, 69 from World War II and four who served in the Korean War of 1950–53. Each November 11, the community gathers here to reaffirm the epitaph: “Together We Will Remember.”

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