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Canadian Bank of Commerce Building, Carman

The Canadian Bank of Commerce Building, erected in 1907, is a rare surviving Manitoba example of a standardized bank-building design that the Canadian Bank of Commerce employed for almost 70 of its small-urban operations across western Canada in the early 20th century.

With its handsome and elegant Classical Revival-style architecture, seen primarily on the main fa├žade, the building would have been a reliable destination for townsfolk and farming families seeking to securely undertake their banking activities. These standardized bank designs were developed in Toronto by a major Canadian architectural firm, Darling and Pearson, and were prefabricated by the B.C. Mills Timber and Trading Company, which shipped the materials to the site, where a building might go up in just one day!

Since its closure, the bank has served as a Masonic Lodge and more recently as an apartment complex.

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