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134-1st Street SE, Carman

Built in 1895, this is a very good example of the kind of modest residential accommodations that many small-urban citizens built in Manitoba communities more than 100 years ago. The house actually has an important architectural pedigree, having been designed by Carman architect Edmund Watson. Watson not only designed the house, he and his family also lived here for several years.

Given the architectural attention, it is not surprising that this building attains considerable charm, through its irregular plan and complex and steep roof forms. Watson also ensured that his little gem of a house had other attributes as well, including finials at the front of each roof ridge, and fish-scale shingles in several of the gable ends.

Edmund Watson practiced architecture in Carman from 1891 until the 1930s, designing several local schools, commercial buildings and an important local landmark, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. He died in 1947, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

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