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Stephenfield was named after the first postmaster, John Stevenson, who operated the post office in his home on NW 16-6-6w. As in other communities, when the railway came through, the post office was moved to a new location beside the rail line. It was relocated to to a store built in 1904 on SE 30-6-6w by Billy Moore, whose father operated the first store in nearby Roseisle. The store was later moved to accommodate road expansion and was rebuilt by the Lahure family who operated a store here until the 1970s. The Giesbrecht family carried on until closure in the 1990s.

Stephenfield never had a station but it met the needs of local farm economy through a loading platform, stockyard and a grain elevator. The first elevator was built by the Wiley Lowe Grain Company in 1903; in later years operated by the International, United Grain Growers and Federal grain companies. With rail closure in the 1970s the elevator closed and was sold and moved to the site of a private seed operation.

Stephenfield School first opened 1889 prior to 1890 on NW 18-6-6w. In the early years, it operated when the weather was suitable; from 1894, it remained open in winter. A new school was built in 1906, still south of the siding. It was moved in 1920 to a four-acre location at the Stephenfield Siding site and expanded to two rooms in the 1940s. With consolidation, the school met the same fate as others in the municipality. Today, the name lives on in nearby Stephenfield Provincial Park, an active recreational area and municipal water source, created by damming the Boyne River.

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