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St. Daniel

Roman Catholic missionary priests from the St. Francis Xavier mission ministered to Métis families in this area north of the Boyne River as early as the 1830s. In 1869, a log chapel was built on NW 16-7-5w (St. Daniel Roman Catholic Church). The church was later moved to SE 24-7-5w where a cemetery was laid out and the Parish of St. Daniel established. A new frame church was built at St. Daniel in 1910.

St. Daniel post office opened in 1904 in Joseph Aymont’s store on 30-7-5w. He brought the mail from Carman, and was paid $75 per year. Aymont served as postmaster until 1912. Frederick Conrad then operated it in his home until the post office closed in 1916. Three cairns mark the locations of the first log church, the second church and cemetery, 1 mile west, and the school.

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