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This settlement grew up along a branch of the Boyne River that drained into the south end of the Great Marsh. It was an area with a heavy stand of hardwood bush, known as “The Point”. Wood lots in the area provided fuel, buildings and fences.

The first post office in the area, “Salterville Post Office”, was opened in 1878 in the home of the one and only postmaster, Richard Salter, who retained the post until he was eighty years of age. It was located on SW 22-6-4w and remained open until the railway came to Carman in 1899.

The community had two sawmills, one of which was started by J.F. Grant, and a blacksmith shop. Until Carman began to develop, other services were as far distant as Winnipeg, Emerson or Nelsonville. In 1878, the first Boyne School (known locally as “Salterville School”) was built one-half mile north of the post office. It was the first school to open in this area. Church services were held in homes and in the school. The area had a Literary Society that encouraged active debates and a branch of the Loyal Orange Lodge.

This sign was erected in 2003 by the Carman/Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee.

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