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Roseisle lies just south of the junction of Highways 240 & 245. The name is said to have been chosen by first postmaster Alex Begg and his wife after a beautiful "island" of wild roses near their home. Located on NW 16-6-7w on a native trail near the escarpment, the log post office was a mile and a quarter southwest of the present town-site. Until the railway arrived, mail was delivered by horse from Linthrathen PO.

Photo by local photographer J.B. Coleman, ca. 1908, showing train from the west, station, loading platform, Moore Store, Green's Boarding house, Plummer store, Galbraith store, and Boyd lumber-yard.

Following the pattern of other small prairie communities, the rise and fall of local business ventures paralleled the fate of the railway. The first Roseisle store was located near the post office on NE 17-6-7w. When the Canadian Northern Railway was completed west from Carman in 1901, both moved to the new site. E.J. Moore built a new store beside the rail line in 1903; W.C. Galbraith built a second store there in 1905 and became the new postmaster. Over the next few years, the school and churches also relocated. Soon a blacksmith shop, lumber yard, livery stables, boarding house, station, loading platform and a third store were in business. Roseisle became a service centre for the brick factory and cement plant to the west. A grain elevator later opened to serve farmers in the area.

Other than more recent garages, hardware stores and churches, the village never grew beyond this point. The original Moore store, one of the main heritage sites in the district, closed in 2004 and was demolished by the owners in 2019. The post office had several postmasters and has changed location but postal service continues to serve as a life-line for the local community. A co-op store, rink, park and heritage sites occupy the former railway and elevator property. Along with a garage and three churches, these facilities make up the core of what is an evolving but still active community.

The Roseisle Rose monument





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