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Campbellville warrants mention as an early settlement mainly because it was the location of the Campbellville PO, Kilmory (“Campbellville”) School and a cemetery that carried the same name, as well as a stopping point for other pioneers. The post office operated from private homes. Although mail came initially to the home of John Vance Graham, Peter Campbell was the first officially designated postmaster, serving from 1878 to 1886. He also arranged for Presbyterian church services to be held in the settlement.

Peter Campbell came to the Boyne area from Argyllshire, Scotland via Ontario. He homesteaded SW 22-6-5w, on the Boyne River, two miles west of the present Town of Carman where he raised cattle and pursued an interest in horticulture. Other family members settled nearby.
The post-office operated from the family’s first log home.

In 1885, Peter Campbell built a large, new home, “Boyne Oaks”, which had five family bedrooms and two additional rooms in the maids’ quarters, which were reached by a separate stairway. The homestead was later sold to the Loree family; the house burned in 1970.

Local children attended Kilmory School. Sandra (Loree) Livingston still recalls being spooked by having to walk to school past Campbellville Burial Site which, in her day, was a fenced area with at least one tall tombstone.

See also: Dufferin history book on Campbell and Loree families.

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