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Carman/Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (CDMHAC)

Who We Are

In October, 2009, pursuant to Section 34(1) of The Heritage Resources Act, the Town of Carman and the RM of Dufferin passed The Municipal Heritage By-law (Town of Carman By-law No. 09/1935; RM of Dufferin By-law No.1846), Being a by-law…to provide for the conservation and preservation of buildings, structures and lands of a local architectural and historical interest within the municipality.

Under the terms of this by-law, Council may refer to the Committee for its consideration and advice, and the Committee may on its own initiative consider and advise either the Council for the Town of Carman, or the Council for the Rural Municipality of Dufferin, on any matter relating to the powers afforded to municipal councils under the terms of The Heritage Resources Act and, in particular, the Committee may make recommendations to the Council for the Town of Carman or the Council for the Rural Municipality of Dufferin respecting the designation of heritage buildings, structures and lands as Municipal Heritage Sites, and the demolition, preservation, alteration or renovation of these buildings, structures and lands.

The Committee is composed of eight members with one member each from the Town, the RM, the Dufferin Historical Society, and the Carman Chamber of Commerce, and four members from the town or municipality. Members are appointed for a four-year term.

Current 2019 membership includes:

Ina Bramadat (Chair, Website Coordinator)
Nedra Burnett (Deputy Chair)
Debbie Nicolajsen (Secretary)
Shirley Snider (Treasurer)
Bernie Townsend (Town of Carman)
Barrie Fraser (R.M. of Dufferin)
Elaine Owen
Nikki Falk

Heritage Resource Management Plans

The MHAC prepares three-year Heritage Resource Management Plans. Annual interim reports outline our progress and budgetary requirements for the coming year. 

Heritage Resource Management Plan 2016–18

The Carman/Dufferin MHAC completed our 2016–18 Heritage Resource Management Plan. The following report outlines our goals and achievements for 2017 and activities planned for 2018:

Heritage Resource Management Plan Interim Report 2017–18
(106 KB)
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Heritage Resource Management Plan 2019–21

We outline for our Councils what the committee has done for the past year and what we expect to accomplish in the year to come—with their financial support. This year is special— it marks the end of our 2016-18 Heritage Resource Management Plan with a look ahead to the next three years.

Heritage Resource Management Plan 2019–21
(119 KB)
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What We Do

The mission of the Carman/Dufferin MHAC is to maintain community commitment in Carman/Dufferin for the identification, preservation, and promotion of heritage resources and to provide opportunities for public awareness, education and participation in heritage conservation.

The Heritage Resources Act (1986) provides authority for the Town and the R.M. to designate and protect local heritage resources and to develop initiatives that will encourage, support, educate and promote the management and sustainability of historic resources in the community.

The Carman/Dufferin MHAC meets on the third Monday of each month to discuss progress on heritage projects, plan new endeavours and respond to heritage issues that arise. The MHAC draws upon the expertise of the Manitoba Historic Resources Branch for advice and guidance in planning and implementing our mandate.

Heritage Activities in Carman/Dufferin 1984-2013

Review of Heritage Resources for the Boyne Planning District.

In 1984, the provincial Historic Resources Branch distributed A Review of the Heritage Resources of the Boyne Planning District. The report provided an overview of the historical development of the area and historical sites in the district.

The project focused on settlement and economic development of the area, personalities involved in this development, early local industries and sites of local importance, such as post offices, schools, churches, hospitals and local businesses.

An overview of the geography of the region, land settlement, formation of towns and the economic development of the district provided a foundation for later heritage activities. The report also covered agriculture as the mainstay of the Dufferin economy.

Among the potential heritage sites identified in the 1984 study, several have either been designated, demolished or otherwise altered by the passage of time.

Establishing a Local MHAC

A Carman Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee was established in 1988. Heritage resource management for the Town of Carman was integrated into the Town of Carman Development Plan in 1992. In 2009, the Town of Carman and the R.M. of Dufferin passed The Municipal Heritage By-law to establish the Carman/Dufferin MHAC.

Major Activities of the CD MHAC (1988–2010).

From 1988 to 2012, the MHAC spearheaded or was involved in:

Designation of Municipal Heritage Sites

Preparation of the brochure Carman: A Walk In the Past.

Involvement of schools in Manitoba Day celebrations (Dufferin Historical Museum handled much of the school heritage activities).

Reconstruction of the Sexsmith/Morgan log house at Dufferin Historical Museum site.

Erection of a monument and plaque at Iles des Bois Cemetery, Salterville, Bates, Bradburn and Almassippi Post office.

Erection of a plaque at former site of Paul Hebert home.

Following the untimely death of the MHAC Chair, the Committee was inactive for a time. Councils reactivated the Committee in 2010. Activities since that time are summarized in the attached Heritage Resource Management Plans below.

Heritage Management Plans

Heritage Resource Management Plans provide the foundation for the activities of MHACs. Carman/Dufferin MHAC submitts annual plans to meet budgetary requirements of Councils.

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