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Carman/Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (C/D MHAC)

Who Are We?

The Heritage Resources Act (1986) provides authority for the municipalities to designate and protect local heritage resources and to develop initiatives that will encourage, support, educate and promote the management and sustainability of historic resources in the community.
C/D MHAC was established to serve as an advisory committee to the RM of Dufferin and Town of Carman Councils on matters relating to local heritage.

Current 2021 membership includes:

Current 2022 membership includes:

Nikki Falk (Chair)
Ina Bramadat (Deputy Chair, Website Coordinator)
Debbie Nicolajsen (Secretary)
Shirley Snider (Treasurer)
Robert Bryson (Town of Carman)
Barrie Fraser (R.M. of Dufferin)
Nedra Burnett
Edwin Pritchard

What Do We Do?

The committee has a mandate is to work with the Town of Carman and RM of Dufferin Councils to identify and preserve local heritage resources and to provide opportunities for public awareness, education and participation in heritage conservation.

Over the past several years, C/D MHAC has worked in close collaboration with the Historic Resources Branch of the Manitoba Government to implement several key heritage projects including designation of Municipal Heritage Sites, recognition of local Heritage Certificate Sites, and development of the heritage website. The Committee has installed signs to commemorate abandoned settlements, former schools, local businesses, and special places such as Missouri Trail and the old Carman Swimming Hole.  Other projects of note include digitalizing early local newspapers and preparing heritage tour brochures, a guide to local cemeteries and inventories of heritage resources in local communities. C/D MHAC also assists individuals with heritage research, mounts displays at community events and works closely with other community groups to identify and promote local heritage.

Since 2010, C/D MHAC has submitted Heritage Resource Management Plans outlining the committee’s objectives for the following year (s) along with proposed strategies and activities for achieving these goals. Annual interim reports outline our progress and budgetary requirements for the coming year.  Projects are made possible by funding provided through the Town of Carman and RM of Dufferin Councils and by heritage grants, along with substantial volunteer service.

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