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This website could not have been launched without the hard work and enthusiasm of a large supporting cast. The impetus for developing the website came from the Historic Resources Branch who identified the paucity of heritage content on municipal websites and developed an infrastructure for doing something about it.

This website is being developed as a pilot project, funded by a Heritage grant and designed to test a template that was developed in conjunction with the Gimli Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee. Our thanks to Historic Resources Branch personnel, in particular, to Ed Ledohowski, who made us aware of the possibilities and fired our interest in the project and to David Butterfield and colleagues, who served as architects and coordinators of the program.

The Dufferin Historical Museum has served as a major and readily accessible source of heritage content, particularly old photos (listed below). The Museum’s recent research for their book on early schools in the region was timely for our project. A number of photos of former schools were obtained from the Archives of Manitoba. Much of our material also is based on the earlier work of June Watson and colleagues who recorded our local history in their excellent work The Rural Municipality of Dufferin 1880–1980. Another key resource was A Review of the Heritage Resources of Boyne Planning District a study by Karen Nicholson, Historic Resources Branch, November 1984.

Members of the CDMHAC provide feedback on the project website content throughout the year and several have been involved directly in researching specific areas. Thanks to former MHAC members Lilla Letkeman for her work on cemeteries and Jonathan Ross for initiating our research on local churches. Nedra Burnett and husband Bob diligently collected GPS readings and photographs of heritage sites. Ian and Julie Hesketh have been researching Century Farms in the area. Shirley Snider organized Business Signs content, mined her extensive network of contacts for information and undertook the final proofreading of the site. She also worked closely with Website Coordinator Ina Bramadat in delving through files for photos and trekking throughout the municipalities in search of lost sites. The Coordinator also served as project contact, organized and cross-checked information, wrote the text and worked photographs into useable formats. We owe a great debt of thanks our capable and hard-working web consultant, David McInnes, who designed our website and logo and patiently organized a huge volume of material into a clean, easily navigable site.

Photo Credits

Photographs from the Archives of Manitoba are identified where they appear on the website. Unless otherwise indicated in individual credits below, all other photographs are from the Dufferin Historical Museum files.

Members of the community have contributed in many ways to the launch of this new website: providing information, loaning old family photos, or helping locate former heritage sites. Among family photo collections are represented here are:

Ager Collection - child in WWI uniform, Adelaide DeMille Roblin

Burrows Family Collection

Vintage Photos
Agriculture 5: Running the sawmill – when trees were a major ‘crop’
Light Industry 6: cordwood
James and Betsy’s sons, Charlie and Tom


Bob Briggs Collection

Thomas Vincent Briggs ca. 1916
Carman Hospital laundry 1954  [photo: Elsie Tucker]
Carman Hospital ambulance 1950s, Bruce Tucker driver [photo: Elsie Tucker]
Carman Hospital staff on break 1954 [photo: Elsie Tucker]

Cheryl Tranq

News and Events
November 2014 - Photo of Dignitaries

Clarke Family Collection

Vintage Photos
Agriculture 4 - Threshing near Roseisle 1909
Boyne River - Spring Floods on the S. Boyne

Diane Gaultier

News and Events
April 2018 - Photos of St. Patrick's Day

Dufferin Historical Museum

Missouri Trail Signs (2)
Homewood School 1952
Clendenning Mill
Boating on the Boyne – sisters Allie & Mabel Clark boating ca. 1900
Carman Swimming Hole
Flood on Villard Ave, (Main Street) 1893
Midland Railway trestle

J.B. Coleman Collection

Vintage Photos
Agriculture 1 - Breaking the prairie sod – ‘mixed farming’ ca. 1900
Ladies' Aid at Mrs. Ager's 1905

Roseisle ca. 1908
Stephenfield (2)

Hyde Park School 1908 Miss Taylor

Gospel Hall (2)
Roseisle Pentecostal (B&W photo)

Making Maple Syrup – Coleman farm ca. 1900

Harry Otto – if you plant orchards, you also need bees.

Leary Family Collection

Notable People
R.P. Roblin

Vintage Photos
Light Industry 5: Local sawmill
Amateur Night Program

News and Events April 2018
Aunt Kate

A number of individuals have donated photographs from their personal collections or have taken photos specifically for the website:

Trish Aubin

Monuments, Cairns, Signs
Brigdenley Cairn
Central School Cairn
Columbine School Cairn
Dufferin Christian School
Forest School Sign
Garnett School Plaque
Kenneth School Cairn
McDermott School Sign
Ostrander School Cairn
Pomeroy School Cairn
Tracy School Cairn
Quilt photos, Sept 2019

Boyne School on new site

News and Events
Sonatrice singers at the museum
2015 Museum AGM & J. McKinnon presentation

Sean Billings

News and Events
Boyne Swimming Hole sign

Nedra Burnett

Early Settlement Signs
Almassippi; Bates; Bradburn; Salterville

Early Settlements
Lintrathen P.O. Site in 2013

School Signs
Kilmory School

Carman Baptist Church (colour photo)
Canadian Reformed Churches (East and West)
Church of Christ
Carman Mennonite Church
Carman Gospel Light Mennonite Brethern Church (Friends Community Church)
Graysville Bergthaler Mennonite Church
Homewood Bergthaler Mennonite Cairn
Carman Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

Ina Bramadat

News and Events October 2017, genealogy and wellness photos

Traces of where Missouri Trail travellers forded the river (photo in News, Sept 2017)

Is that really where our milk comes from? photo

Early Settlements
Barnsley elevators

Monuments, Cairns & Signs
Paul Hiebert Cairn
Roseisle Rose monument
St. Daniel - Bell tower at site of St. Daniel church
Sign at site of Ryall Hotel 2013
Roseisle School Cairn
St. Daniel School Cairn
St. Peter and Paul Cairn
Roseisle United Church Cairn
Roseisle Memorial
Cheryl and Albert Tranq at Kenneth School cairn

Roseisle Gospel Hall Church (new)
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Roseisle Evangelical Mennonite Church
Roseisle Pentecostal church (new)

Broad Valley Cemetery
Carman Greenwood Cemetery
Graysville Bergthaler Mennonite Cemetery
Graysville Riverside Cemetery
Harrison Burial Site
Îles-des-Bois Cemetery Graves
Kennedy Burial Site Gravestones (2)
Roseisle Cemetery
St. Daniel Cemetery
St. Peter and Paul Cemetery
Ukrainian decorations at Emberly cemetery

Special Places
Stephenfield Park (2)
Shirley Snider, David Butterfield and Nedra Burnett

News and Events
Legion (2)
Lilla Letkemann
Bill Curtis picture
Lest We Forget
Graysville heritage group
Roseisle Memorial Rose Garden group
April 2018
October 2020: Caroll McGill and High Bush Cranberry
December 2020: white-tailed deer, turkeys, geese
February 2021: cow, groundhog
March 2021: squirrels, LOL ribbon
May 2021: sadirons
June 2021: White poplar/trembling aspen and leaves; Apple and ornamental crabapple blossoms delicately perfume the Spring air; Fiddleheads unfurling with brown spore-bearing fronds; a patch of maturing ostrich ferns; Dandelions;
July 2021: Plaque on cairn at Îlets-de-Bois Cemetery
August 2021: Roseisle Memorial Garden, One of nine roses planted in memory of local casualties of war, wild rose
September 2021: St. Daniel School; Îlets-de-Bois Cemetery; Looking for the last traces of nectar
March 2022: Snow plow; Rabbit in snow.
April 2022: Snow in trees
May 2022: Cooling off in the South Boyne, 1933 flood damage to railway, Stephenfield Provincial Park
August 2022: Monarch butterfly
November 2022: snow on birdbath

Vintage Photos - Transportation
Spring blossoms and spring flood

Museum Tea (2)

Cemetery Project

Bev Garwood Russell (2)

Dawn Bramadat - moose decoration, December 2020 news

G. Gillingham

News and Events
Soldier Honoured (July 2015)

Eileen McGavin McIntyre

News and Events
Dr. A. McGavin
Airmen graves

Shirley Snider

Monuments, Cairns & Signs
Grandstand Sign
Carman Bakery 2013
Dr. Holroyd’s Office 2013
Carman Granite 2013
Mountain Industries 2013

News and Events
Roseisle Memorial Rose Garden
WWI commemorative event July 1, 2014, in Roseisle
Boyne Swimming Hole sign, July 2015
Memorial Hall Renovations, November 2015
June 2021: Young pre-flight ravens and Two weeks later; Racoon and hummingbird feeder

J. Robinson

News and Events
Mrs. Smith’s Nursing Home

Caroll McGill

News and Events
Christmas 2015

Marion Hughes

News and Events
Framed photo of Carman Hospital

Dan Bottrell

News and Events
Werseen photo

Stephanie Fraser

News and Events
Saunders photo

Smith Family Collection - Thomas & Jane Smith

Joan Johnston - Ribbon-cutting at Boyne School Re-opening

Nikki Falk - Kayaking on the Boyne photo; The new BRK dock; Moments to Remember (all in News and Events)

Dale Owen (Chair of the Renovation and Expansion Committee) - photos of the Mad Hatter dinner; Mark Owen - aerial photos (drone) of the dinner

Debbie Nicolajsen - Rex Cafe menu and photo with Rex Cafe and flood

Marg Neumann - Hyde Park Ladies – still actively meeting ca 1950

Diane Gilingham - Roseisle Memorial photo, November 2020

May Wiebe - bird's eye view of Roseisle Memorial Garden

Sharon McInnes - March 2022 News, flying squirrels

Roseisle Collection - Railway pumping station at Roseisle

E. Tucker - Spring breakup on the Boyne River

Lynette Stow -milkweed, August 2022

Edwin Pritchard - Staples photos