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Whether you are a visitor to our community, are researching your family roots, need background on an historic building or are just interested in local history, this website is your one-stop source of information on our heritage. 

The site offers you a glimpse of the history of Dufferin Municipality from the pre-settlement era to the post–1870 influx of homesteading families, and from the arrival of the railways to the rise and decline of the small towns and communities along its path.

You will also discover the wealth of historic buildings, cairns, plaques and other heritage resources that our communities have to offer.

Let us know of any omissions or errors. If you have information or photos you’d like to share, please contact us. Check out this site each month for our Special Features, including vintage photos from the area.

Please visit our Acknowledgements page, which recognizes the many people who contributed towards making the website possible, including the backbone of any endeavour—the volunteers who contributed material, researched, edited or proofread content, and gave in so many ways of their time and talents.

News and Events September 2020

Carman Cadets.  Does anyone have information about the Carman Cadet Corps from the around 1916? We received a welcome cross-section of information recently from Bob Briggs, formerly of this area, now living in Victoria BC. Among the treasures he shared were photos of his Briggs/Haycock/Tucker relatives.

This photo of Thomas Haycock was taken around 1916. Bob Briggs asks if anyone has any information about the corps. So far we’ve drawn a blank, so we’d be grateful if you can help us.

Thomas Vincent Briggs
ca. 1916                               


Carman Hospital. Among the photo collection from Bob Briggs were several snapshots taken by his grandmother Elsie Tucker who worked in the laundry at Carman Hospital in the 1950’s.  His grandfather Bruce Tucker drove the ambulance. Most hospital pictures feature the buildings, doctors or nurses rather than the other staff members that help keep the hospital going.

Carman Hospital laundry 1954                                             

Carman Hospital ambulance 1950s- Bruce Tucker driver    

Carman Hospital staff on break 1954                       

In 2000, Bob Briggs organized a reunion for former students and teachers from Hopeland School, north-east of Homewood.  We are working on getting a copy of the school history he prepared at that time. He also forwarded pictures of the 1927 Carman flood and contributed to our life story project through recollections of his early rural childhood and information and photos of local relatives. Great additions to preserving local heritage.


News and Events August 2020

War Memorial Shelter. The Roseisle War Memorial now has a canopy in place to shelter it from the elements. The structure is a heritage certificate site and one of two war memorials in Carman/Dufferin municipalities. It’s also a fine example of what a small community can do when everyone pitches in to help.

Last summer, a local committee under the leadership of Frank Peters and Cheryl Smith-Tranq obtained grants to carry out major repairs to the mortar and brickwork of the cenotaph. Lettering also was restored on three plaques that list the names of 136 local soldiers who served in WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. The central WWI plaque is over 100 years old.

The committee decided to build a shelter to protect the structure from further damage from sun, rain and snow so future generations remember the sacrifices made by these soldiers and their families and the role they played in securing our own way of life.

Newly restored Roseisle war memorial and shelter

Last October, committee members knocked on local doors, made phone calls, sent emails to the families of soldiers whose names appear on the plaques and sold progressive 50/50 tickets. Six weeks later, the estimated $12,000 cost of the project was in place. Actual construction was placed on hold until 2020 and, like most projects, has been scheduled around the reality of the pandemic.

Recent History

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